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Don't underestimate the attic vent fan!

Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

Do you feel that your air conditioner is working harder than it used to? It may be time to install an attic vent fan. This option is much less expensive than replacing your air conditioning unit and even if you were to replace the air conditioning system in your house, it does not guarantee better heating and cooling bills. 

Your attic temperature has a direct impact on the heating and cooling of your house. By regulating the temperature in your attic with an attic vent fan, you can regulate the temperature in your house. The Solar Guys offer a solar powered attic fan, installed at an affordable price. These fans are designed to work off the sun so they do not cost you added electricity and expenses once they are installed. As a matter of fact, they are designed to save you money on your monthly electric bill.

The majority of your electric bill is due to your heating and cooling system. If you can regulate the temperature in your house, it means that your system does not have to work as hard or as often to maintain a comfortable temperature. Attics tend to trap solar heat that enters the roof and has no where to go. It then transfers into our living space, requiring us to bump up that thermostat while sending our utility bills soaring. In the winter, the cold air trapped in the attic also transfers to our living space, requiring the use of the heater in the colder months.

A little known fact is that extreme heat and cold in your attic can reduce the life of your roof as well as your air conditioning system and more. You can end up with plywood delamination, fungal decay and more and that affects your insulation, air quality and your roof and structure of your home. An attic vent fan helps to even out the temperature in your attic and eliminate problems while helping to extend the life of your roof.

The Solar Guys have been serving Central Florida since 2001. We cover Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Pasco, Volusia and Marion counties to name a few. We offer genuine Solatube solar tube skylights, solar powered attic fans and Huper Optik tinted windows. We are your daylighting experts and can create the perfect lighting environment for your home. We also can help save on your utility bills with solar attic fans and window tinting.

It is time you started saving on your electric bills by installing window tint, tubular skylights and an attic fan. Watch the monthly savings with a sound investment for your home. Call The Solar Guys today for a free estimate to install an attic vent fan in your home. 

Gable vents may not be enough for your Attic

Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

Gable vents are designed to help ventilate your attic, and attic ventilation is important in that it helps to prolong the life of your roof and helps to heat or cool your home. If your attic does not have proper ventilation it could cause your air conditioner to work harder and less efficiently due to the transfer of the attic temperatures into your living space as well as lessen the life of your roof due to wood delamination, fungal decay and saturating your insulation from the humidity making it less effective. 

A solar attic fan may be your solution to inadequate gable vents. They help to keep your attic cool in the summer and reduce moisture in the winter. Solar Star attic fans are an eco-friendly product as they run on the sun instead of using the electricity for which you pay. Solar Star attic fans are durable, compatible with all roof types and easy to install.

You save money with an attic fan. First, they do not cost you any electricity to run. Second, they help to regulate the temperature in your attic which helps to regulate the temperature in your house. This means your air conditioning unit can work more efficiently and less often, saving you money on your utility bills. Third, it lengthens the life of your roof and insulation giving you long-term savings of your money on replacement of two very expensive items. With these savings, you will have more money to do the things you enjoy, remodel a room or purchase an item you have been wanting for some time.

The Solar Guys have been serving the Central Florida area since 2001. We are your daylighting specialists with solar tube skylights. We also specialize in tinted windows which add privacy and security to your home as well as installing solar attic fans. All of the products we offer help you to save on your utility bills and do not cost you electricity. Our goal is to provide an exemplary level of service and savings by offering affordable products and solutions to your every day woes.

Now is the time to start saving money. Stop giving the power company your paychecks and enjoy more of what you want to do with The Solar Guys. We offer free consultations to discuss your energy saving options. Our team is knowledgeable and professional and we pride ourselves on affordable solutions and exceptional customer service. A solar attic fan may be your best solution to small or non-existent gable vents. Contact us today to learn more about The Solar Guys and the products and services we offer. 

Attic Ventilation Fan

Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

The best way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter is an attic ventilation fan. These fans keep your attic cool in the summer and reduce moisture in the winter allowing you the ability to keep a more steady temperature inside your house, thus reducing your utility bills. Not only does an attic fan help you to save money on your bills but it also helps to save money by prolonging the life of your roof and insulation.

Attics trap heat and moisture. Without proper ventilation, the humidity can saturate your insulation and cause fungal decay and wood delamination. However a solar attic fan helps to reduce the heat and humidity that sits stagnant inside your attic. It runs off the power of the sun and not off your electricity helping you to save even more money. This means you will be giving away less of your hard earned money to big power companies and give you ability to save for something fun.

The Solar Guys offers you affordable solutions to save on your energy bills. Whether you choose a Solar Star attic ventilation fan, Huper Optik window tinting or Solatube tubular skylights, you will get affordable energy saving solutions, exceptional customer service and top notch installation. We specialize in solar tube installation for those hard to see areas, tinted windows that offer privacy and security as well as energy savings and attic fans that help to cool your attic. Since our inception in 2001, we have served over 70,000 customers in the Central Florida area.

The Florida heat and humidity is just as much a killer of your roof, furniture and flooring as it is your skin. Protecting your investment is important and we are here to help you do just that. By regulating the temperature in your attic and thus, in your house, you can be confident that you have found an affordable alternative to high energy bills, furniture and floor replacement and premature roof replacement. Combining an attic fan installation with either a solar tube skylight or tinting windows or both, you can ensure long term savings on your electric bills, a longer roof, furniture and floor life and more.

It is time you stopped giving away your hard earned money unnecessarily and had more money to do the things you enjoy. It is time that you could start saving money instead of letting the electric companies squeeze the last dime out of you. We look forward to working with you and helping you to save money. We offer eco-friendly options that offer you savings. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about how an attic ventilation fan can help you save on your monthly energy bills.

Turn off the lights during the day with a Sun Tunnel Skylight

Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

A sun tunnel skylight is a smart and eco-friendly way to brighten a dark rooms and bring natural daylight into any room of your home. Solatube tubular skylights offer you savings and sunlight whether you need a skylight in a laundry room, a hallway or any other room of your home. If you are looking for an affordable way to bring daylight into dark spaces where natural light has rarely been an option, then a Solatube Daylighting System is your solution.

Installation of sun tunnel skylights is affordable, fast, clean and easy. Solaube lights require no structural reframing, tunneling, drywalling or painting. Our certified experts can install the product in less than a couple of hours and most do it yourselfers can finish the project within a day.

Working like a traditional skylight but not your traditional skylight, it is a high-performance natural lighting system that uses advanced optics to harness sunlight in a way that significantly improves how daylight is controlled and used. You can brighten living rooms, kitchens, closets and more! A sun tunnel skylight provide as much light as you would expect from a skylight many times its size. Plus, it costs much less than other daylighting options.

Solatube skylights are a “green” solution for your home. It allows you to switch off electrical lights during the day providing savings on your electric bills and reducing environmental pollution. Your light is delivered throughout the room with a decorative fixture that offers style and function. Plus, you can add functionality with a light kit, vent kit or daylight dimmer. The fixtures look just like light fixtures and blend in to the decor of your room. The light kit offers you daylight during the day and energy efficient lights for nighttime use. The ventilation add on kit allows increased air ventilation without cluttering the ceiling. The daylight dimmer allows you to easily control the amount of daylight entering the room with a switch offer you advanced features over a traditional skylight. You can combine the solar tube skylight with an attic fan and tinted windows for even more energy savings.

The Solar Guys have been serving the Central Florida area for over a decade. Since our inception in 2001, we have expanded to serve over a dozen counties in the central Florida area. We pride ourselves on affordable eco-friendly solutions, exceptional customer service and the ability to meet your needs and exceed your expectations as well as knowledgeable experts that are able to answer your questions. We look forward to working with you to provide you the savings you seek on your monthly utility bills. Please contact us for a free estimate and let us help you to start saving today with a high-performance, quality sun tunnel skylight by Solatube. 

Solar Exhaust Fan

Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

Are you trying to keep your cooling costs down? A solar exhaust fan, like those made by Solar Star, may be the answer! These sun-powered cooling devices will reduce your cooling costs and save your air conditioner! The best part is that these fans cost nothing to run!

With a solar exhaust fan, the sun works for you! Because this fan uses solar power there is no increase on your electric bill. In fact, by installing an attic fan and keeping your attic cooler, you’ll lighten the load on your air conditioner. The heat that builds up in an attic leaches into your house, forcing your air conditioner to work harder and harder. When you invest in a solar exhaust fan you can significantly reduce the strain on your air conditioner. This not only reduces the frequency and cost of repairs to your system, but also extends its lifetime.

Another benefit to reducing the strain on your air conditioner is reduced cooling costs. When an air conditioner runs all day, those costs add up and show on your electric bill. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as long and as hard to keep your house cool when you have a solar exhaust fan cooling your attic, and the difference will show on your utility bill.

If reduced cooling costs, less maintenance on your air conditioner and a lower electric bill sound too good to pass up give us a call and we’ll get you started. We have a variety of fans and we’ll help you find the right one for your house. Whether your attic is large or small or your roof is low sloped or steep sloped, we have the Solar Star attic fan for you. Do you already have a vent in your attic? We have fans to convert any style of vent, from gable vents to whirlybirds to powered vents.

Our certified, expert staff will get your new attic fan installed in about two hours, no matter what type of roof you have. Because we believe that we offer the best product and service, we offer a five-year warranty on the solar panel and monitor, a ten-year warranty on all other components, and a limited lifetime warranty on the installation.

Need any other reasons to get a Solar Star fan? They also prevent condensation in your insulation during the winter, which reduces mold and mildew. Solar Star fans also meet requirements for high velocity hurricane zones. They even qualify for a 30% federal tax credit! With so many money saving benefits, can you afford to not have a solar exhaust fan

What’s great about solar powered attic fans?

Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

Heat and moisture are fine when you’re on vacation but when it comes to your attic, you want it as cool and dry as possible. To achieve this goal, solar powered attic fans are the way to go.

Our product is called Solar Star attic fans, which are run by the suns hot rays alone. Our attic fans do not require any additional electricity. Investing in solar powered attic fans is the most efficient way to keep your attic cool, dispel additional moisture, and to keep your electric bill lowered.

During the summer, solar powered attic fans keep your home cool and decrease any extreme heat buildup in your home. During the winter, these fans help reduce moisture. Keeping out all the additional water droplets that can make your attic their home will increase the longevity of your roof life, stretching your hard earned dollar even more. (Plus it’s one less thing to worry about during the holidays up north if your roof isn’t falling into your attic because of the water/snow buildup on/in your roof).

Having a solar powered attic fan is also very Eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint on our world. With it’s solar-powered design you’re not only making the best of your current available natural resources, you’re also reducing your electricity consumption. Over years, this consumption adds up and you can give yourself a pat on the back for knowing you did your part in helping preserve our earth.

Our solar powered attic fans are compatible with all types of roof designs and architecture builds. After installation, your roof will not be prone to any leaks or drips. Our snug fit design will mold into your attic and roof flawlessly with it’s seamless one piece Steel Flashing and Powder Coated Steeling Housing. Our fans are easy to install. There’s no extensive wiring, long assembly, mess, or electrical fire hazard. It’s straightforward and fast. It takes relatively 45 minutes to install. To ease your nerves and as a promise to you, we offer a Lifetime Installation Warranty. Once the fan and panels are installed, there they will remain. Our fans and solar panels are made to handle some of the most inclement of weather. The solar power panel screen is coated in a non-corrosive polymeric integral vent screen, keeping out the worst of the weather. The Solar Star attic fans are even Hurricane Zone Rated.

We want you to make a fully informed decision about our product. We would like to share with you more information about our Solar Star solar powered attic fans


Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

Skylights have come a long way in the last decades. A traditional skylight is basically a window in the roof. Unfortunately they have limitations; they require structural reframing and can only be placed where there is no attic or crawl space between the roof and the ceiling. They are vulnerable to leaks and are difficult to clean if they become dirty… and they do! There is another way to get natural light into those dark places in your home without any of these disadvantages: the solar tube!

The finest solar tubes, also known as tubular skylights on the market are made by Solatube and The Solar Guys is the premier authorized dealer for Solatube in the central Florida area. Solatube offers products that are simply the best from the roof mounting which has been shown to hold up better and not cause long term roof damage (unlike some other brands) to a fine selection of options so you can have a solar tube that fits your need exactly!

Tubular skylights, work by capturing sunlight on the roof and reflecting it down a tube into a fixture in the ceiling. The inside fixture can be flush with the ceiling, or you can select one of the stylish options that look more like traditional light fixtures. Additional accessories include a ventilation kit, and a daylight dimmer to soften of shut out the light completely.

There are a couple options to allow the skylights to continue to serve as a light source after sunset. The first is a light add-on kit which uses a regular florescent bulb which can be switched on at night. The second option is the Solatube Smart LED System featuring SunSense Technology to keep the room evenly lit as daylight fades and into the night. It monitors the daylight levels of light and activates the LED system as needed. This system can be further improved upon by adding the Occupancy Sensor which only triggers the LED lights when someone is in the room. No more paying for electricity to light up empty rooms! LED lights are one of the most efficient and long lasting lights available today.

Tubular skylights can be quickly and easily installed by our trained professional technicians, usually in about 45 minutes, but even a do-it-yourselfer can usually get one installed in less than a day. The Solar Guys want you to know that our technicians are factory trained and certified, and have passed a background test. We are a family owned company that was founded in 2001, we are licensed general contractors and also hold a Florida Roofing License. We put a special emphasis on customer service with over 25,000 satisfied customers.

A skylight has always been a great idea, and now tubular skylights have just made daylight available and practical for almost any dark room in the house. 

Solar Tube

Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

There are many ways to keep your house cool and well lit while saving money and being kind to the environment. Installing an attic fan or tinted windows will help keep your house cool in the summer, but how do you get daylight into those inner rooms? If your room is ideally situated and has the right kind of roof you can have a skylight installed, but what if it is under an attic, or there is not enough ceiling for a traditional skylight? The answer is a tubular skylight, also known as a solar tube!

The solar tube is one of the most ingenious inventions in recent decades. It allows a room to be lit by natural sunlight, even if there is no window. Solar tubes began to be commercially available in 1991, and unlike traditional skylights, do not require major reconstruction work. The small opening is less subject to leakage and since they require minimal space, they are ideal for hallways, closets, and bathrooms. Unlike a skylight a solar tube can be installed on any type of roof. Most of us are used to electric lights at night, but during the day rooms lit only by electricity seem gloomy. Solar tubes can beautifully light any room all day long, which saves money and energy, so it is good for both your budget and the environment. Another great thing about solar tubes is that, like windows, there is so little that can go wrong.

Here at The Solar Guys we sell and install the Solatube brand because it is the all-around best brand on the market! We are the only Premier Dealer for Solatube products in Central Florida. The Solatube Daylighting Systems brighten rooms effectively and evenly. Our patented technology gives consistent light through the day and all year long. We also offer a way for your solar tube to work at night as well. The Solatube Smart LED System monitors daylight levels and activates the integrated LED light automatically when available light is low; it operates automatically and lasts longer than traditional electric lighting which saves you money. There are a number of optional add-ons available like an occupancy sensor which triggers the LEDs only when someone is in the room, or a ventilation add-on kit, which basically adds a fan to increase air ventilation. You can even get a daylight dimmer to reduce the light during the day. There are a variety of ceiling fixtures available, so there is no need to sacrifice style.

So if you need more light in your house, consider letting The Solar Guys install a solar tube in your home.


Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

A skylight is the best way to get natural daylight into an interior room, and a solar tube is the best way to get natural sunlight in from the roof. At The Solar Guys we use exclusively Solatube brand solar tubes. Why? We use them because they are the best on the market. With its advanced optics the Solatube system provides as much light as much larger conventional skylights.

These solar tubes, or tubular skylights, actually cost less than a window or skylight and because there is no structural reframing they are faster to install, about 2 hours if installed by one of our certified experts. So quit turning on lights in the daytime! That is not good for your budget or the environment. Another thing to consider is heat loss or gain; windows, including traditional skylights are one of the worst challenges to your indoor climate control. Tinted windows can do a lot to keep the heat either in or out, but why add a traditional skylight window when tubular skylights are less expensive and more effective.

Another big difference between traditional skylights and solar tubes is the consistency of light; Solatube tubular skylights give consistent light all day long. Also, in case your tubular skylight is too bright, there is a daylight dimmer available which lets you control the amount of light using a switch. Here is another great option; since many of those dark places are also likely to be stuffy, you can opt for a ventilation add-on kit, a two in one feature for increasing air flow without cluttering up limited ceiling space.

That is all well and good during the day, but what about at night? No problem, a tubular skylight can provide nighttime light from the same fixture. There are 2 options. The first is the light ad on kit allows you to have a bulb inside the tube which can be turned on with a switch after dark. The second is the Solatube smart LED system; the integrated LED light activates automatically when needed and can include an occupancy sensor so that the LED lights only come on when someone is in the room. Now THAT is going to save a lot of electricity!!

Solatube has the best roof piece that will not degrade or cause damage to your roof over time. Inside there are several styles of light fixture to choose from. You do not have to settle for an unappealing look.

If you are trying to keep your home energy efficient as well lit one of the most economical and efficient choices you can make is to contact The Solar Guys and find out what a Solatube tubular skylight can do for you!

Attic Fan

Matthew Snyder - Monday, November 09, 2015

A Solar Star Attic Fan Can Be Your Solution

The attic in any house can be the source of many problems; an attic fan can help solve many of them. Solar Star makes some of the best solar powered attic fans around, and The Solar Guys in central Florida can install the right one for you.

In Florida the two biggest problems with attics are heat and humidity. The first solution to this problem was to put gable vents in the walls of the attic at either end of the house. Like many solutions, this actually led to more problems. Infestations by rats, raccoons, wasps, bats, and other pests are even worse than the heat and humidity the vents solved. Passive vents like dormers and whirlybirds were better, but still not an active solution. Fortunately we now have access to an attic fan powered by solar energy; once installed they run at no cost and keep animals out.

Every home owner is concerned with preserving their property and saving money on utility bills. There are many things we can do to achieve these goals. Maintaining a reasonable indoor temperature and controlling humidity are key, but air conditioning can drive the electric bill up fast. Tinted windows will reduce cooling costs and protect furnishings from fading, solar tubes can bring light to dark areas of the home at little or no cost, and any use of solar energy will help defray those utility bills that increase every summer. However one of the best things you can do for your whole house is to get some ventilation to your attic and the best way to do it is with a Solar Star attic fan from The Solar Guys.

If heat and humidity build up in the attic the entire house will be hotter, requiring the air conditioner to work harder to keep it cool; this uses more electricity and shortens the life span of the air conditioning unit. The humidity will infiltrate the wood and insulation in the attic, causing the insulation to become less effective and the wood to mildew and rot.

Solar Star solar attic fans comes in 2 roof mounted options (depending on the size of the attic) and also has an interior mounted version for transforming an existing attic vent into a solar powered fan. They usually install in less than an hour, cost nothing to operate, have no electrical hook-ups (so no fire hazard), and are hurricane zone rated. An attic fan will also help keep the garage much more comfortable which means the things you store in it will not deteriorate.

So if you can only do one thing for your home, consider adding a Solar Star solar powered attic fan from The Solar Guys.